5. You want success?

أولئك على هدى من ربهم وأولئك هم المفلحون

 Those are upon [right] guidance from their Lord, and it is those who are the successful.[2:5]

  • Why not say هؤلاء these? Those, is used for objects that are far; shows their high level and rank.
  • What did they do? Followed the previous ayats.
  • Why mention from their lord? For honour and nobility, as Allah is mentioned next to them.
  • Who is a Falaah? A farmer when he is about to reap the harvest; he reached their with a lot of exertion and toil. Implication: Success requires hard work.
  • Why is a noun used? Verbs are temporary. Implication: They will always be successful.
  • Why mention Al? Makes the group specific; a lot of people claim they are guided and are successful.

Ibn Kathir: Allah did not mention what they are successful in. Effect: Expansion of Meaning. They will attain success in everything (this world and the hereafter).

  • This concludes the description of the first group of people. All praise is for Allah SWT!

One thought on “5. You want success?

  1. SubHaanAllaah, I have learnt so much from these first five aayaat along suratul FaatiHah’s brief explanation. BaarakAllaahu feek

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