1- Why the Broken Letters?


  • The meaning of these letters is only known to Allah. There are no authentic traditions going back to Prophet SAW, and all opinions are mere conjecture.
  • However, these letters must have a particular function; the opposite would be contrary to perfection.
  1. Can you produce a Qur’an? Baqilani RA said: Only half of the alphabet is used in these letters. Implication: If you do not believe it is a miracle, then produce something like it using the letters.
  2. Where is the guidance? We ask Allah for guidance in Surah Fatiah. Before He gives us the guidance, He reminds us that we won’t be able to unlock every secret of the Quran.
  3. How does an illiterate man know the letters? Mutawalii As-Sharii: Prophet SAW was illiterate as was most of the Arab society. The only people expected to know the letters are those who know how to write.
  4. How is this a challenge to the Jews? They were the learned people. Hence, they need to explain how Prophet SAW knows the building blocks of the language.

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