6- Choose your path!

صِرَاطَ الَّذِينَ أَنْعَمْتَ عَلَيْهِمْ غَيْرِ الْمَغْضُوبِ عَلَيْهِمْ وَلَا الضَّالِّينَ

The path of those upon whom You have bestowed favor, not of those who have evoked [Your] anger or of those who are astray.

What is the connection?

  • In the previous ayah we ask Allah to guide us to the upright path — the only path accepted by Allah and the only path that brings happiness.
  • In this ayah Allah SWT informs us of two groups: Those who follow the path and those who forsake the path.

Do you know these?

  • نعم is used for an easy life, filled with softness, relaxation and comfort.
  • ضال is used for a lost item whose location is unknown. Implication: the individual is confused and unable to see the right path.
  • ضال is the opposite of هدى-guidance (ayah 6 began with guidance, and ayah 7 ends with its opposite).
  • Those who leave the path will always fall into two categories: Maghdoob and Daleen.
  • Maghdoob are those whose intention is insincere; they know the truth, yet do not follow it.
  • Daleen are those whose actions are flawed; they are based on ignorance.

Can you answer these?

  • Why didn’t Allah say, “path of the believers”? To make us think and search for who they are (mentioned here).
  • Why mention ‘you‘ favoured? For honour and to show their status, Allah has been mentioned next to them. By not mentioning His name next to Maghdoob and Daleen, it shows they have no honour and status.
  • Why did Prophet SAW specify who the Maghdoob-Jews and the Daleen-Christian are? These two groups are the most clear when it comes to corruption of intention and action. Hence, He SAW gave us two blazing examples.

Did you know…

  • Ibn Tammiya RA said: Whoever knows the truth and does not act upon it resembles the Jews, and whoever acts without knowledge resembles the Christians.
  • Islam is a balance between these two extremes. A Muslim is always on the middle path.

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